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NFTへの取り組みについて / About NFT initiatives

​出品した作品 / Exhibited works

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「NFT(Non-Fungible Token:非代替性トークン)」の略。





【About NFTs】

NFT stands for "non-fungible token."

Unlike normal digital data which can be easily copied and redistributed, NFTs utilize the power of the blockchain to create digital assets with unique value, and are being utilized to create a new market for artistic works. The technology is also attracting attention as a way for creators of digital art, like Keigo Inoue, to showcase and distribute their works, creating a new locus of cultural value.

【Keigo Inoue and NFTs】
For creators of digital art, NFTs are a way to prove an artist's value; Keigo believes that the NFT technology will allow artists of today to be recognized long into the future, just as the great artists of the past are remembered today. He looks forward to introducing his digital art style, born in Japan, to the entire world, and is excited to contribute to the art form moving forward.

Keigo's fan community is growing as he attracts more attention online both domestically and worldwide, and he is sure to become a major player in the worldwide digital art community.  But to remain at the forefront of the movement, Keigo recognizes that he must continue to evolve as the movement's expansion accelerates. Through proactive involvement with the NFT technology, Keigo will forge a new path to bring not only his own digital art, but the works of other creators into a new future.

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