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Virtual World Graphとは


ケイゴイノウエが2020年にSNSにて発表したgif映像「Virtual Akihabara」が国内外に注目され、ここからケイゴイノウエのキャリアは始まったと言っても過言ではありません。


ここで自身がこの新しい文化”NFT”と共に成長できるのか、多くのケイゴイノウエの作品を知らないユーザー、そして世界中を席巻するウイルスと戦う方々へ届けることが出来るのかを考えた結果、「Virtual World Graph」プロジェクトを立ち上げる事にしました。


What is "Virtual World Graph" ?


With the release of his GIF animation "Virtual Akihabara" in 2020, Keigo Inoue saw a massive increase in attention and support worldwide. Although his artistic portfolio remains small, his innovative style has caught the attention of major artists and influencers, and has led to collaborations with popular figures such as Kizuna Ai, Eve, Ado, and CY8ER. As a digital artist who creates works that give a glimpse into what a "near-future" may look like, it was a natural development for Keigo to become intrigued by the world of NFTs and to challenge himself to explore this new technology and trend. 

In order to continue to develop his skills and career alongside the new NFT technology, to bring his message and works to users around the world, and to support, in his own way, those who are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, Keigo decided to open this Virtual World Graph project.

Keigo will reimagine iconic districts of famous world cities and create seven unique near-future artistic creations to be released on various NFT platforms. Please look forward to the near-future vistas of these beloved locales as seen through the eyes of Keigo Inoue.

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